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Shorten URLs for free URL Shortener Unofficial is a free extension developed for use with the Chrome web browser from Google. Designed to shorten URLs, URL Shortener Unofficial helps users share website addresses and meet character requirements on social media services, like Twitter. With just a few clicks, users can get small, easy to share URLs that are automatically copied to their clipboard. With an included QR generator, sharing addresses has never been easier.

Shorten lengthy URLs

Have you ever copied a website address only to find that it seemingly goes on forever? Not only are these addresses difficult to comprehend, they’re difficult to share too. Especially on social media sites or sites that restrict character usage, shortening a URL can help fit it in a space where it otherwise might not be able to. In order to access this tool, all you have to do it right-click on a web page and select “Shorten this page with”. Once this is done, you’ll be provided with a condensed URL and one that is automatically copied to your clipboard so all you have to do is paste to share.

Share better

Not only does URL Shortener Unofficial shorten URLs, it provides users with QR codes that can be scanned to access the website. In many cases, this is even more convenient than a shortened URL, as it can be shared as an image and accessed on smartphones and tablets.


  • Shortens long URLs
  • Auto-copied to clipboard


  • Only for Chrome
  • Not an official Google product

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